Arnica Montana Nartex® Ointment

Ointment .98 oz

Homeopathic relieve for sore muscles, bruises and sprains


Temporary relief of:

  • Sore muscles
  • Bruises
  • Sprains.


Suggested use


Active Ingredients

Arnica, Hamamelis.

Recommended use

Adults and children 2 years and older. Apply a light coat gently on the affected part every 6 hours.



Tell Me More!

Arnica Montana has long been heralded for its ability to produce relief from pain, inflammation and bruising1. The aromatic fragant- yellow flowering plant first began to be used medicinally in the 16th century.


Hamamelis Virginiana is another yellowish flower, also known as witch-hazel. This plant leaves, branches, and bark have been used for many generations. To date, it is used to treat topical skin affections like burns, sores, insect bites, ulcers and hemorrhoids2,3. Therefore, Hamamelis has been recognized by its astringent, anti-inflamatory and hemostatic properties3.


Homeopathic practices, which seek to treat ailments using small – though effective – doses, serves as a good delivery method for the array of uses provided by Arnica Montana.


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